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Client Information Overview

Secure Customer Onboarding - Reduce Risks and Costs

Interested in becoming a customer, want to know more about our business policies and criteria? It's all right here.

We recommend applicants review the following information, this section is a comprehensive online resource designed to help you better understand, address and manage issues relating to TCT in the International Oil and Gas Industry.


Browse our Client Information pages via the links below, to answer specific queries.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

In line with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act of 2002, all new Customers who are not KYC Compliant are required to use the KYC Application Form to apply for the KYC process. TCT is required to obtain basic identifying information from you and verify that information when you open a new account.

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Client Due Diligence

What a new client can expect:

  1. Customer Acceptance Policy

  2. Customer Identification

  3. Ongoing Monitoring


Buyers Requirements & Criteria:

  1. Terms & Conditions

  2. Pre-Qualifications

  3. Expectations

Sellers / Suppliers

Suppliers Requirements & Criteria:

  1. What We Buy

  2. Terms & Conditions

  3. Pre-Qualifications

  4. Expectations

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When you partner with TCT, you'll see we deliver on our promises to meet your needs and contribute to your success. Our culture is defined by an entrepreneurial spirit and a winning attitude.

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