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Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

Partnering with FERM and Port of Rotterdam to prevent fraud in your business. Discover how we can help you today.

We are a team of experts who collaborate with FERM, the local police, and the Port of Rotterdam to prevent and combat trade fraud involving storage agreements. We warn potential customers about the fraudulent schemes that request pre-payments for documents related to non-existent tank storage in the port of Rotterdam.

We also offer verification services for banks and private companies that need assistance with transactions in the port, including but not limited to:

  • Product verification in Rotterdam

  • Quality verification with SGS

  • Quantity verification with SGS

  • Owner verification with the tank storage

  • Contract verification with our Compliance/Risk team

TCT, FERM, and Port of Rotterdam unite against trade fraud. 

Discover The Power of Partnership

TCT-GRC Risk Assessment Suite

Gain peace of mind with our risk assessment suite. Access reliable due diligence reports on third-party intermediaries. Safeguard your business today and make informed decisions.

With TCT-GRC's Risk Assessment Suite, you can conduct a thorough and comprehensive due diligence process for your third-party intermediaries. This suite helps you gather and analyze relevant information and evaluate potential risks associated with your business partners. Whether you need to comply with regulatory requirements, mitigate reputational damage, or prevent fraud and corruption, TCT-GRC's Risk Assessment Suite is the solution for you.

tct edd process

Enhanced Due Diligence Reports

An Enhanced Due Diligence Report (EDDR) is a comprehensive document that provides a detailed analysis of the risks associated with a potential business partner, customer, supplier, or investor. The EDDR covers various aspects of the subject's background, reputation, financial status, legal compliance, and social responsibility. The EDDR is prepared by TCT-GRC's Risk Assessment Suite, a set of tools and methodologies that enable efficient and effective risk management.

The Risk Assessment Suite follows a four-step process to produce an EDDR:

  1. Data collection: The Risk Assessment Suite gathers relevant information from various sources, such as public records, media reports, databases, interviews, and site visits.

  2. Data analysis: The Risk Assessment Suite evaluates the information using various criteria, such as credibility, reliability, relevance, and timeliness. The Risk Assessment Suite also applies analytical frameworks, to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the subject.

  3. Data presentation: The Risk Assessment Suite organizes the information into a clear and concise report that highlights the key findings, risks, and recommendations. The report also includes supporting evidence, such as charts, graphs, tables, and images.

  4. Data review: The Risk Assessment Suite conducts a quality assurance check to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of the report. The report is also reviewed by senior experts and stakeholders to ensure its validity and usefulness.

Key Areas of Coverage


  • Consulting Services

  • Project Consulting

  • Port Intel

  • Tank Farm Due Diligence

  • Tank Farm Availability For Product

  • Buyers Due Diligence

  • Sellers Due Diligence

  • Refinery Due Diligence

  • Cargo Verification 

  • Existing Product Verification 

  • Product Specification 

  • Quality Verification 

  • Quantity Verification

  • À la Carte Due Diligence Services 

 *Standard scoped reports are available for purchase on a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) basis.

If you are interested in our Due Diligence Assessment, please contact us for a Free Consultation. We are eager to hear from you and discuss your needs.

tct edd report

A Trusted Compliance Partner for Your Business

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