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KYC Account Application Form

Effortlessly fill out your KYC application form. Know your customer to build strong relationships. Take control of compliance. Start today!

KYC Compliance: Its Requirements & Steps To Follow

Who Needs To Be KYC Complaint?

Any individual(s) or non-individual(s) who wish to participate in this project must meet the following criteria: 

  • They must have a valid ID and a signed consent form.

  • They must have relevant experience or skills in the field of interest.

  • They must be willing to collaborate with other participants and follow the guidelines.

  • They must be able to commit to the project for the duration of the contract.

Is KYC Required  For All Transactions?

All transactions require KYC verification. Before you can use any of the authorized transaction channels, you need to fill out a KYC form.

Other Important Points

  • All documents (including attestations/certifications) that prove your identity or address must be in English. If they are in a foreign language, you must translate them before submitting them. You must include all the required documents with your application. If you are missing any of them, you must write a letter explaining why they are not available and what evidence you have to support your claim. We will not process incomplete applications without a valid reason. Your application may be rejected if you do not provide the necessary documents. Answer all the questions and sign all the forms where required.

  • New KYC requests received in the old KYC form will be subject to rejection.

  • Any subsequent change to Address, Country, Nationality, Occupation, Income details, Date of birth, Proof of identity, may also be communicated to the TCT in the respective forms where the provisions have been made available.

How To Get KYC Compliant?

To complete the KYC process, please provide the following along with your application:


  • Fill out this KYC Account Application form to meet the KYC criteria.

  • Send additional information/evidence (certified copies of identity and address proof documents or original verification) to TCT The Commodity Traders, B.V.


We will conduct a background check as part of TCT'S "Know Your Customer Procedures". This complies with Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act of 2002 and the Directive 2005/60/EC of the European Parliament and of the council of 26 October 2005.

To obtain a copy of the USA Patriot Act in its entirety please visit:

Guidelines for Opening a New Client Account

To open a new client account with TCT, please follow these guidelines:


  1. Review the form thoroughly and contact our local office staff if you have any questions.

  2. If you want to open a joint trading account, you need to submit a joint-venture or co-operation agreement to TCT, preferably notarized. Each partner must also meet the requirements listed below.

  3. Complete all the fields in the attached form/agreement. If a field does not apply to you, write 'N/A' (Not Applicable).

  4. Provide certified copies of your identity, address, and bank account proofs. TCT may ask for the original documents for verification.

  5. Attach a recent passport-sized photo in the designated space on the form and sign across it partially on the photo and partially on the form. Electronic signatures are not acceptable.

  6. Sign where indicated on the form.

  7. Have a witness or an introducer sign where indicated on the form.

Basic Requirements

  • Proof of Valid ID: List of documents admissible as Proof of Identity  (*Documents having an expiry date should be valid on the date of submission.): International ID, driver’s license or birth certificate, preferably legalized.  A clean, clear color copy of the client’s passport must be provided.  All forms of identification must be legible, unaltered, and legitimate. The ID also cannot be expired. If the ID appears altered, forged, or not legitimate, we will not be able to proceed with your application. 

  • Proof of Address: You must provide a document that shows your current residential address. This can be an electricity bill, a bank statement, a voter card, an insurance policy, or any other official document that has your name and address on it. The document should be dated within the last 20 days and should match the address on your application form..

  • Bank Letter of Good Standing: You must provide a letter from your bank that confirms your good standing and creditworthiness. The letter should be dated no more than 20 days before you submit your application and should include your account number, balance, and transaction history.

  • Latest Financial Statement: You must provide a summary page of your bank account statement that shows your income and expenses for the last month. The statement should reflect your financial capability and solvency.

  • Audited Accounts & Reports: You must provide a copy of your audited financial statements for the last two years or a bank comfort letter that verifies your financial capacity. The statements or the letter should include your profit and loss account, balance sheet, and annual report.

  • Corporate Documents: You must provide copies of all relevant corporate documents that prove your business registration and activity. This can include your certificate of incumbency, business registration certificate, trade and export licenses, etc.


Please note that this list is not exhaustive and may change depending on the specific requirements of the TCT program. You should check the application kit on the TCT website regularly to make sure you have all the necessary documents before you apply.

*** We apologize for any inconvenience, but our forms and applications require a desktop device to function properly. They are not compatible with mobile devices. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. ***

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