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Meeting the Diverse Energy Needs of a Rapidly Changing World
Growing Beyond... Petroleum

With global access to key physical assets, a deep Rolodex of financial partners and exclusive off-take agreements set us apart from other independent trading operations.


We provide integrated trading products and logistic services to commodity market participants and clients in the world's major market, connecting producer countries to commodity consumer countries and managing relationships by providing structured expertise on both sides of any trade.


  • Petroleum Trade

  • Logistics Management Solutions

  • TCT-GRC’s Risk Assessment Solutions*

  • Port Intel Solutions

  • KYC & Compliance 

The 24/7 Eyes And Ears Of The Maritime World

Here you will find information about ship movements of seagoing vessels in the port of Rotterdam: expected ships, ships in port and departing ships. The information is provided by Port of Rotterdam.


Check the current information about the port for a smooth and safe transit through the port of Rotterdam.


For more information, please contact Port Coordination Center.

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Driving Growth through Strategic Partnerships

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