Enhanced Due Diligence Solutions
Customized, Localized, And In-Depth Due Diligence - Make Informed Decisions on Market Data

TCT-GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) offers a wide range of AML solutions to its clients helping them to be compliant in regards to their AML/CTF obligations. We help clients identify and understand the risk that their international relationships represent, and develop the appropriate compliance controls and due diligence programs that clients need. For this purpose, we are working together with leading data providers, partners and compliance specialists.

We tailor our advice to each client based on their unique risk profile, including jurisdictional exposure, operating model, and industry. Our efficient client services team will assist you with all your queries and guarantee a direct and personal communication.

Our solutions have been developed by experienced professionals of the oil and gas sector who want to help other professionals all over the world to respect their obligations in terms of AML/CTF and to demonstrate that they have conducted their due diligence in respect of AML.

Enhanced Due Diligence Solution

TCT-GRC’s Risk Assessment Suite provides your firm with a complete in-depth integrity enhance due diligence solution to assist in obtaining information and assessing risks associated with third-party intermediaries.

Due Diligence Reports

Enhanced Due Diligence reports are available in a variety of report formats and can provide comprehensive background information on individuals and organizations, anywhere in the world.

Our Due Diligence reports are ready-made custom scopes and fixed price.

• *Standard scoped reports are available for purchase on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.

Key Areas of Coverage

• Project Consulting
• Tank Farm Due Diligence
• Tank farm availability for product
• Buyers Due Diligence
• Sellers Due Diligence
• Refinery Due Diligence
• Cargo Verification
• Existing Product Verification
• Product Specification
• Quality Verification
• Quantity Verification
• À la Carte Due Diligence Services

Just Ask

TCT-GRC partners with you through this facilitated self-assessment to help you evaluate the risk programs in place, discover potential risk and compliance gaps, and address issues. If you need a service in these areas not specifically named in the description, the chances are we do it, and we do it well. So, just ask.

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Enhanced Due Diligence Solutions