Risk Management

Achieve More Effective Risk Mitigation Through Better Structure

Undoubtedly, we accept the risk, at some level on a daily basis. To achieve operational excellence, risk assessment, subsequent management, and ultimately the mitigation of risks must be a conscious process employed by all, as it will determine the success of our endeavors.

Risk Management

The dedicated team of risk management experts at TCT The Commodity Traders, B.V. provides a suite of solutions to improve operational efficiency, operation risk mitigation, and compliance control. TCT’s Risk Management Program is designed to help you make better security and risk decisions, minimize the chance for fraud and financial loss, and reduce the cost of managing your overall risk.


With a focus on building strong financial control frameworks to support increased efficiency, robust risk mitigation and compliance strategies for clients and investors, TCT's Risk Management Program is designed to plan, protect, detect and respond to fraud and financial loss threats.


Our team has a targeted focus - dramatically reduce your risk and improve organizational and end-buyer compliant behavior. This is our value proposition.



Risk Management Solutions Offerings


Our comprehensive solutions suite dramatically improves risk mitigation and includes:


  • Enhanced Due Diligence Solution  - TCT offers a solution that provides advanced analytics and transparent quantification, risks, and opportunities, enabling clients to effectively identify and mitigate risk strategies.

  • Know Your Customers (KYC) Solution - TCT offers a regulatory compliance and reporting solution of international standards, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.working with financial institutions to ensure that their compliance and governance frameworks, practices and organizations are robust and managed in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and that any compliance issues that arise are addressed quickly, effectively and efficiently. 

  • Supplier Management Solutions - TCT-GRC offers a comprehensive logistics management solution, including scheduling and transportation management of the vessel. Selecting suppliers by conducting detailed due diligence and integrity analysis.


Our ability to execute a variety of tailored supply and price risk management programs for our customers is enabled by:


  • Using petroleum futures to hedge against volatile fuel prices and lock in favorable economics.

  • Shipping product on the major pipelines to bring favorable pricing from one market to another and storing it utilizing our extensive network of throughput terminals.

  • Using our fuels market expertise, our industry relationships, and our sophisticated market data systems to identify and capture favorable pricing available anywhere in the global petroleum markets and deliver those economics to our customers locally.


We can help you...

We have the product capability and the expertise to efficiently manage risks and add value to customers globally.


For more information on how to get started, please contact us to submit a request for proposal or call us at +31 (0) 15 369 3100.

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