Request for Quotation

Request for Quotation (RFQ) Form

This document comprises of the following parts:


  • Section A: Buyer Details

  • Section B: Bank Particulars

  • Section C: Product Details

  • Section D: Logistics

  • Section E: Additional Information

  • Section F: Supporting Documentation

  • Section G: Declaration


Important notes regarding the completion of this form


When completing the RFQ form:


  • Complete all relevant sections fully. Many of the questions on the application form relate to mandatory regulatory requirements. Failure to complete all the applicable sections fully will result in the application being rejected.

  • When submitting documents, ensure that you have included all additional and supporting documents required, as detailed in Section F.

  • Photocopy any pages that do not have sufficient space or add a page for additional information.

  • Make sure that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions (including the obligation to send updated documents and information to us).

  • All Applicants must sign the declaration in Section G.

  • For more information or assistance, please see our contact details on left side of the page.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: To Prospective Buyers


TCT The Commodity Traders sells fuel to respective established buyers in the international petroleum industry. Our company-policy requests certain qualifying information on potential buyers before we disclose any trade offers. On completing this form, please attach any additional information that you feel is appropriate including resumes, acquisition search criteria, financial statements, updated company profile and/or financial credentials.


This information is essential to accurately match a buyer’s acquisition criteria with a wide range of selling situations marketed by TCT The Commodity Traders. Please complete this entire form and return it to TCT to obtain information on a specific petroleum offer. All information will be used internally and treated as highly confidential material according to our company ethics and rules.