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Prospective Clients

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Client Due Diligence (CDD)

TCT The Commodity Traders, B.V., adheres to internationally accepted standards on client due diligence before being able to accept any new client. Ultimately this is aimed at keeping our client base clean from persons involved in money laundering, other criminal activities and from persons engaged in activities that might otherwise be potentially harmful for our good reputation.


We strongly believe that in doing so we ultimately protect the good reputation of our clients as well in the best possible way. Strict compliance with all relevant laws, rules, and regulations on client due diligence is therefore not only a necessity but is also in the best interest of our clients. Professionally trained staff with expertise in this area are available in all offices and help our relationship managers with asking prospective and existing clients to provide us with the relevant information on their identity, their activities, and financial background.

What a New Client Can Expect
  1. All prospective clients introduced or referred to TCT will have to go through a process of due diligence.

  2. Clients should be recognized within the industry and should be able to provide references thereof.

  3. Must identify all relevant entities and domiciles.

  4. Clients should be able to provide acceptable financial statements for a minimum of one year to establish financial viability.

  5. A credit report will be obtained for each client.

  6. A Dun & Bradstreet report (or equivalent) will be obtained for contracted partners prior to the signing of contracts.

  7. TCT will conduct a physical inspection of client facilities and will always prefer to deal with principals personally.


Any client, that appears to be credible on personal inspection of their facilities, yet do not provide financial information, will be subjected to a more rigorous contractual process, including performance bonds.


Within our group, we retain records relating to our professional services, access to our staff, to assist us in servicing your requirements and, in some cases, to administer our business or to comply with professional standards. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards for your personal non-public information that comply with our professional standards.

NOTE: TCT only negotiates and sells products and services to pre-screened and approved sellers and buyers. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with the documents and information that they need to evaluate and verify the availability and quality of the product and service s that we offer.

We understand that every fuel transaction has its own set of unique characteristics so we are flexible to how we transact each and every fuel trade.

TCT The Commodity Traders, B.V., has a specialized team TCT-GRC (TCT Governance, Risk, and Compliance) of selectively recruited professionals with decades of experience in all areas of legal operations, commodity trading and risk mitigation. This team helps clients improve their management strategies and allows them to successfully negotiate today's challenges, no matter how complex or demanding.

If you have further questions about TCT The Commodity Traders, B.V., confidentiality of your personal information, our products and/or services, please e-mail us or call us at +31 (0) 15 369 3100.

Additional Services Related to Due Diligence


TCT-GRC offers information Risk Compliance Services through our Solutions line of business.


Additional solution services include the following:

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