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Our Products: Fuel Oils

TCT has relationships with various Gas Oil Suppliers and Buyers worldwide. 

NOTE: TCT will be the Titleholder of the offered products. Registered Buyers at TCT can request for this product.

If you have an interest or inquiry, please select the appropriate area below:

Product Information

The following are a specific product(s) in demand. Offers are subject to availability, market condition, and prior resale. Our primary destination ports are Port of Rotterdam and MED.

Fuel Oil is supplied according to a different specification, the section for fuel oil. This kind of oil is graded as the heavy furnace oil. The product is produced from the remains of raw oil processing.

Terms and Conditions

Term:                SPOT and Term​
Origin:              Various Sources
Specification:   Quality Certificate ​
Delivery:           FOB or CIF
Inspection:       Quality & Quantity by SGS/ Saybolt or Equivalent.​

Technical Information

Differences in the characteristics (sulfur content). The main difference in the different kinds of fuel oil / mazut is the content of sulfur.

Various Grades:

  • Content 0,5%

  • Content 0,5-1,0%

  • Content 1,0- 2,0%

  • Content 2,0-3,5%


There are a limited number of producers, who produce this kind of fuel oil.

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