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Partnership Is A Core Concept At Tct
The TCT Global Strategic Alliance Program

In every aspect of our business, we surround ourselves with people whose work we trust and respect. As such, we have built strong partner relationships with some of the leading producers, refiners, and distributors of oil, natural gas liquids, and natural gas. With this partnership, we've become a leader in managing multi-site portfolios, with projects across the US, Europe, and Asia.


Having partners in these regions, we can assure you with the best product at very low prices. Furthermore, all our partners are accredited by their country's respective governing agencies which means that we offer these natural products not only at low prices but also at top quality.


Our relationships with our partners are an integral part of how we bring value to our clients. We truly believe successful projects and happy clients are the results of a collaborative effort between the buyer, seller, distributor, and producers.

TCT grows and expands its reach, we continuously search for additions to our Team and partners who complement our progressive environment and share our commitment to delivering the highest-quality product to our clients.


So, if you’re a qualified, reliable trade who:


  • Consistently provides outstanding quality & great customer service.

  • Has compliant current certificates of insurances.

  • Complies in full with OHS requirements.


Then We Want You!

Why Become A TCT Trade Partner?

As your trading partner, we exude an equal level of passion and hunger to ensure that your products reach target clients to improve your bottom line. This is done by using a variety of sales strategies which is tailored to meet your needs.


For more details on TCT’s Strategy for Alliances and Partnerships, or to further explore opportunities for partnership, please contact us by one of the following methods: 


  • To express interest in a partnership with The Commodity Traders, please complete the form online  via mobile

  • For all other enquiries: info [at] thecommoditytraders [dot] com.

  • For questions about TCT's alliance partner program, please e-mail  alliances [at] thecommoditytraders [dot] com


If you're interested in supplying products and/or services to TCT The Commodity Traders, B.V., please register your information.

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