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Our Governance, Risk, And Compliance (GRC) Solutions

TCT-GRC is the Leading Provider of Comprehensive Due Diligence Services.

TCT-GRC (TCT Governance, Risk and Compliance) offers a wide range of AML solutions to its clients helping them to be compliant with regard to their AML/CTF obligations.

We help clients identify and understand the risk that their international relationships represent, and develop the appropriate compliance controls and due diligence programs that clients need. For this purpose, we are working together with leading data providers, partners and compliance specialists.

We tailor our advice to each client based on their unique risk profile, including jurisdictional exposure, operating model, and industry.

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KYC (Know Your Customers)

Easy & compliant client onboarding with our solution for Fraud Detection & Prevention, Anti-Money Laundering, KYC & ID Verification.

Enhanced Due Diligence Solutions

At TCT, we can provide access to a global network of data for enhanced due diligence, helping you to minimize the risk of doing business, anywhere in the world. Our consultants are experienced professionals, and our comprehensive portfolio of risk services allows us to be your single stop consulting partner.

Logistics Management Solutions

TCT-GRC offers a comprehensive logistics management solution, including scheduling and transportation management of vessel.

Selecting Suppliers by conducting detailed due diligence and integrity analysis.

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