Our People

We Know Our Greatest Asset is Our People

Great service requires great people. We attract and retain the best, with pride in who we are and what we do.

The Commodity Traders, our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for our success. Together we represent a diversity of backgrounds and nationalities with one clear common purpose - to produce outstanding results for you. One of the keys to our success is empowering transparency on all levels.


We realize that without input we will not be able to achieve our goals both professionally and personally. In proclaiming 2010 as the year of efficiency, no opinion will be left unheard of achieving just that.


We continue to grow strong as a team and we strive to become more unified. We are constantly seeking out new relationships where we can continue to surround ourselves with the caliber of people that help us make a difference. As a company we value our employees, value each other, and want to make sure we all feel appreciated, included, and empowered.


Through our Authorized Representatives and Strategic Partners, you will find the products you need at the best market prices and under any profitable conditions.


Board of Directors

Here at TCT The Commodity Traders, we are serious about surrounding ourselves with smart, experienced people who can help us grow our business and improve our processes. We seek to build and maintain a Board of Directors with a wide range of experiences, competencies, and perspectives. And we look for people who are passionate about our current strategies and can help us adapt them to our ever-changing markets and geographic and regulatory environments.  


Meet Members of TCT's Board of Directors


TCT has been a leading force in the trading industry. Our leadership team has the knowledge, insight, and network that can only come from t-hand experience. With an average of over 25 years in the industry, we are veteran experts in the art and science of alternative investments


Meet our Leadership Team


Authorized Representatives

Our authorized representatives meet our high standards for quality and customer service, helping clients address their commodities challenges. 


Meet TCT's Authorized Representatives

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