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Learn About Our Global Capabilities
What You Can Expect
When it comes to sourcing consultants of the highest caliber for the upstream oil and gas industry, We are better informed than most consultancies.

TCT The Commodity Traders, B.V., adds real value through its expertise, innovation and total commitment to its clients.

Our Approach

The foundation of our approach is our knowledge; industry knowledge as well as an intimate knowledge of the client's requirements, mission, and goals.


We believe this approach helps to foster strong and lasting client relationships, thereby increasing our capacity to extend an even greater level of service and client satisfaction.

As a leader in our field, we provide services to companies active in the sourcing, production, storage, trade, and distribution of crude oil and refined oil products. We work closely with you to analyze your needs, identify opportunities and manage your commodity and financial risks. We regularly develop new services and products that can give you a real edge in your markets.

TCT works to protect assets and minimize the potential for losses for our clients worldwide through a unique combination of methodical approaches and arduous standards. We conduct hands-on research to ensure our products and services remain the best available and directly support risk management processes and objectives.

Our highly skilled consultants approach their work with integrity, transparency, and accountability. 

We operate as a single business line to leverage our international scope and the tailored, knowledge-intensive nature of our services.

The result is strong communication, focused expertise, and fast and flawless execution. Our pro-active approach to risk management is embedded in every step of the process.


Every module of TCT's Due Diligence Program is customized to each client's individual needs. Our due diligence assignments can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks and are generally driven by the potential closing date or the complexity of a target company.


TCT's offering becomes even more powerful when we apply our integrated approach, combing the results of commercial, operational, financial and legal due diligence. We believe that this approach to creating transparency in the commodity trading market moves our clients into a position from which they can take fact-based actions and make better investment-related decisions.


Competency Assurance

TCT executes large industrial oil and gas projects with multiple scopes. We value that skill as a core competence. By combining our capability with project forecasting and planning, we strive for flawless execution, reducing risk to project schedules and costs.

Our Clients

It is important to have developed direct relationships with suppliers and buyers alike to be able to create a sustainable business.

Buyers & Suppliers: Our team has created and maintains an extensive database of buyers and sellers of various natural resources, mined products, and other commodities. These relationships have already been pre-qualified and such relationships have been pre-tested within our extensive due diligence process. These networks yield direct and indirect relationships and references that lead to proprietary transaction flow.

Intermediaries: Through our experience in its various projects, our team has developed deep relationships with several financial partners and investors. These relationships help source transactions on an ongoing basis. Any new relationships introduced would have to meet our standard criteria for qualifying as a vetted partner.

TCT offers the most complete risk management and mitigation package available in the industry today. We understand the work, we understand the risk, and we offer value-added solutions. We are your partner of choice.

Competency Assurance


Whether vetting potential customers, partners, third-party suppliers, or contractors, companies in the oil and gas industry must establish a robust due diligence process to mitigate risk.

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