TF-600 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


Taking your temperature with the TF-600 thermometer is as simple as pointing, and pressing a button. It uses infrared technology, and can show readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Additional Information
  • High Accuracy: Advanced infrared temperature sensor with high sensitivity make sure the high accuracy, giving our family members the best care.

  • Accurate Readings: Press the measure button, the result will show in 2 seconds.

  • Multi-Mode Thermometer: You can modify the setting parameters to adapt to the medical temperature measurement system in different countries and Convert to each other using Celsius and Fahrenheit.

  • Non-Contact Forehead: The infrared thermometer avoids touch skin, safer and convenient measure baby's temperature.

  • LCD Display: Large-screen LCD, white backlight, can be displayed under any light.

  • One-Click Button: One-button measurement, simple and convenient operation.

  • Memory Feature: You can store up to 32 temperature readings and recall them at any time. This comes in handy for keeping a record. Also has an auto shutdown feature for power saving.

  • Widely Applicable: Human body temperature can be measured: adults, children, infants, and young children.

  • Model: TF-600

  • Color: White/Gray

  • Measuring Distance: 10mm-30mm

  • Measuring Time: ≤2s

  • Auto Power-Off: ≤30s

  • Memory Data: 32 groups

  • Temperature Measurement Range: 32°C-42.9°C(89.6-109.2°F)

  • Measurement Accuracy: 35.0°C-42.0°C;±0.2°C/0.4°F

  • Transportation Storage: Environment temperature: -25 to +55°C

  • Relative Humidity: ≤90%

  • Power Supply: DC3V, 2xAAA Battery (Not Included)

  • 1 x Digital Thermometer

  • 1 x Manual

Non-Contact IR Thermometers