Non-Contact IR Thermometers

Perfect for measuring body temperature, without the need for physical contact from a distance of around 5cm, TCT provides a range of non-contact infrared thermometers..

ZS-T1 Non-Contact Forehead IR Thermometer

Portable Handheld Non-contact IR Infrared Thermometer Digital Forehead LCD Body Fever Temperature Meter with Backlight for Baby/Adult

TF-600 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Taking your temperature with the TF-600 thermometer is as simple as pointing, and pressing a button. It uses infrared technology, and can show readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

R1B1 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

The R1B1 forehead thermometer is suitable for all ages, infants, adults and the elderly. It supports temperature detecting not only for people, but also for room and object.

BT-T1009 Non-Contact Forehead IR Thermometer

Ideal for quickly detecting elevated body temperatures, the BT-T1009’s non-contact design eliminates the need for replacement probe covers and other supplies while reducing potential spread of diseases from using contact devices.

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