Face Masks & Respirators

3-PLY Disposable Protective Ear Loop Face Mask


The 3-ply non-woven disposable mask is made of a 3-ply non-woven material, it is healthy and safe for you to use. Breathable material and cute patterns, which makes it useful and fashionable. 

Special 3-ply non-woven design, provides some protections against dust, automobile exhaust, pollen, etc. Elastic ear loop, easy to wear and no pressure to the ears. Perfect for other areas where protection might be required.

This product not applicable for isolation ward (zone), isolation and observation ward (zone), operating room, isolation ICU, etc.

Additional Information
  • High-filtration 3-layer fabric

  • Inner & outer fluid resistant non-woven layers, easy breathable

  • Extra pliable nose piece ensures snugger fit & reduces fog up of glasses.

  • No fuzzy tickle feeling on nose & face.

  • High Filtration Capacity Latex free, fiberglass free With Ties to adjust as you feel more comfortable.

  • Low resistance to respiration Hypoallergenic.

  • N95 - FFP2

  • Material: Non woven polypropylene fabric

  • Nose Bar: 100%recycling metal bar, 8.5cm

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): ≧ 95%

  • Color: Blue/White

  • Type: Ear Loop

  • Size: 17.5x9.5cm (Adult)

  • Certification: CE, ISO

  • Weight per Unit:

  • Place of Origin: Made in China



WARNING: These respirators and/or masks help reduce exposures to certain airborne contaminants. Before use, the wearer must read and understand the User Instructions provided as a part of the product packaging.