Face Masks & Respirators

With a range of disposable and reusable facemasks and respirators, there is a product that is suitable for every situation.

3-Layer Blue Disposable Medical Face Mask (Pack of 10)

These disposable, anti-dust masks help protect you from inhaling small particulates like saw dust, metal shavings, pollen, allergens, and more.

Perfect mask when travelling through congested airports bus terminals malls parks and busy city streets.

Disposable FFP2 Protective Face Mask CE FFP2 EN149:2001+A1:2009 Respirator Face Mask

Ideal for use in medical / pharmaceutical industries / food processing, laboratory and so on.

Disposable KN95 Face Mask

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Disposable KN95 GB 2626-2006 Respirator Face Mask

This anti-dust mask is ideal for both women and men, suitable for cycling, camping, running, travel, climbing and daily life.

KN95 / FFP2 Disposable Face Masks (20pcs/Box)

The KN95 Respirator Mask is a face mask that provides protection from chemicals, dust and particles from metal smelting and processing manufacturing, as well as other airborne harmful substances. The mask fits snugly around the face to prevent particles and harmful substances entering your nose and mouth. KN95 face masks are designed to filter out a minimum of 95% of particles.

Dr. Stretch Anti-bacterial Face Mask - Fashion Reusable Washable Outdoor Unisex Mask (5 Masks)

Perfect For Your Daily Needs and Errands.

The Dr Argen Antibacterial Face Mask is a comfortable mask made with Aerosilver antibacterial yarn. Aerosilver is a next generation multi-functional fiber providing moisture absorbent/fast drying function with antimicrobial effects.

It has an anti-bacterial function from zirconium-silver compound (non-nano material) blended in fibers, which gives it a semi-permanent anti-bacterial property that survives repeated washing. The fabric itself boasts quick absorbing and drying property in addition to excellent anti-bacterial function, allowing you to feel pleasant and safe at any time.

It kills 99.9% of germs, including staphylococcus aureus, the cause of food poisoning and sweat odor, and pneumococcus, which causes various respiratory infectious diseases.

Dr. Argen Face Mask - Fashion Reusable Washable Outdoor Unisex Mask, Anti-Pollution Face Mask

This comfortable face mask helps prevent the spread of viruses. Minimizes the risk of inhaling droplets from speech, coughing and sneezing, and reduces the risk of involuntarily passing droplets on to others.

Helps to reduce the accidental transmission of viruses by hand to face contact.

Medical Face Mask EN14683 Type I

Protecting healthcare staff and patients from airborne infectious diseases.

Surgical Face Mask EN14683 Type IIR

Medical face masks help prevent large particles expelled by the wearer (e.g. spit, mucous) from reaching the patient or work environment and help protect the wearer from exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids from the patient or work environment.

Type IIR – EN14683 masks are appropriate for situations where exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids from the patient or work environment is at risk for the healthcare worker.

3-PLY Disposable Protective Ear Loop Face Mask

The 3-ply non-woven disposable mask is made of a 3-ply non-woven material, it is healthy and safe for you to use. Breathable material and cute patterns, which makes it useful and fashionable. 

Special 3-ply non-woven design, provides some protections against dust, automobile exhaust, pollen, etc. Elastic ear loop, easy to wear and no pressure to the ears. Perfect for other areas where protection might be required.

This product not applicable for isolation ward (zone), isolation and observation ward (zone), operating room, isolation ICU, etc.

4 Layer 3D Medical Isolation Mask EN14683 Type IIR

The Type IIR Surgical Face Mask is designed to resist moderate fluid splashes while maintaining smooth breath-ability. The highly efficient filtration media can filter or trap all the common bacteria and particle surrounding us. Provides respiratory protection against certain airborne biological particles.

FFP2 High Filtration Efficiency Anti-Haze Anion Respirator (EN 149-2001+A1-2009)

This FFP2 Protective Mask is light and breathable and fits tightly to the face. This mask conforms to the authoritative quality standard, effectively dust-proof and bacteriostatic, filters the germs and PM2.5 in the air, and achieves the ideal protective effect.