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1. Additives

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Additives are fuel-soluble chemicals added in small amounts to enhance or maintain properties important to fuel performance or fuel handling. Typically, additives are derived from petroleum based raw materials and their function and chemistry are highly specialized. They produce the desired effect in the parts per million (ppm) concentration range (One ppm is 0.0001 mass percent.). 


Additives are used in varying degrees in all petroleum derived fuels, but the situation with aviation fuels is unique in that only those additives specifically approved may be added to jet fuel. Some approved additives are required to be added, some are optional, and others are approved for use only by agreement between buyer and seller.


Our fuel additive technology increases the value of your fuels, intermediates, and crude oils.


Our fuel additive expertise includes antioxidants and fuel stabilizer; lubricity and conductivity improvers; hydrogen sulfide H2S and mercaptan scavengers; dehazers and demulsifiers; fuel biocide, cetane improver, and cold-flow additives; ferrous and nonferrous corrosion inhibitors; and multifunctional packages.​

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