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CPG's: Naphtha



  • Light Naphtha

  • Paraffinic Naphtha


Naphthas are refined or partly refined light distillates with an approximate boiling point range of 27 degrees to 221 degrees Centigrade. Blended further or mixed with other materials, they make high-grade motor gasoline or jet fuel. They are also used as solvents, petrochemical feed stocks, or as raw materials for the production of town gas.


Light Naphtha is a category of naphtha that can be rich in paraffins and is used for ethylene cracking to make petrochemicals.


However, if it is rich in aromatics and naphthenes it is used for reforming into gasoline or as blendstock for making gasoline. On the other hand, Paraffinic Naphtha is another category of naphtha with a high paraffinic content suitable for petrochemical use as an ethylene cracker feedstock.

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