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CPG's: Marine




  • MGO DMA Class (ISO 8217:2005)

  • MDO DMB Class (ISO 8217:2005)

  • IFO 180CST (ISO-F-RME180/RMF180)

  • IFO 380CST (ISO-F-RMG380/RMH380/RMK380)


As per ISO, there are total of 14 different grades of marine heavy fuels. These 14 different grades consist of 4 different grades of marine distillate fuels and 10 different grades of marine residual fuels. Among the four grades of marine distillates, only two of them are commonly used; MGO Class DMA and MDO Class DMB. As for the marine residuals, among the ten different grades, only five of them are commonly used in the market; FO 180 CST – Class RME180, RMF180, FO CST – Class RMG380, RMH380 and RMK380.


These types of marine fuels shall comply with the standards accepted by ISO as per ISO 8217:2005 Revised Edition November 25, 2005 and Marpol Annex VI May 19, 2005.

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