Corporate Responsibility

Board of Directors

The members of our Board of Directors are dedicated to serving the interests of our shareholders and potential investors.


  • Roger Berk

  • Peter Van Buuren

We're Dedicated

to providing value to both our customers and our investors

Corporate Responsibility is central to the strategy of our business, and is integral to everything we do.
Corporate Responsibility

The Commodity Traders, we understand the role we must play in healthy and functioning capital markets through building trust, transparency, and consistency in business practices. In supporting and advising some of the world’s most important organizations, we have an opportunity to provide value that extends far beyond our client base and into the broader marketplace.


A key element of our overall business strategy, corporate responsibility (CR) builds on TCT’s long-standing values and ethical practices. Doing business responsibly, while engaging our stakeholders and communities, is critical to the sustainability of our business, our people, and our communities.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

With these guidelines, we work to continuously improve our corporate governance process to better serve the interests of our partners, shareholders, customers, and employees. Our corporate governance guidelines outline the structure and policies of our Board of Directors.


  • View The Commodity Traders Corporate Governance Guidelines PDF (   )


AML/KYC Compliance Guidelines

With these guidelines, we work to continue to prevent the process of money laundering and financing of terrorism-related activities. 


For your convenience, we have attached herewith the KYC Application Form. We request you to fill in the details and provide the certified copy of supporting documents as stated in the Form.


Please feel free to call us or email us at compliance [at] thecommoditytraders [dot] com for any query on KYC requirements.

Corporate Policies


Please let us know if you are ever asked by a TCT representative to do something you consider to be unethical or illegal, or if you observe illegal conduct at our company. You can contact our management by calling +31 (0) 15 369 3100 or contact us via ​email.​

Responsible Sourcing Policy

TCT The Commodity Traders, B.V., are aware of the importance of the relationship with its suppliers, that is all why our relationships with suppliers are based on mutual contribution, trust, and respect, the quality of products and services, as well as the integrity of their relationships.


This brochure provides an overview of the minimum environmental and social standards we expect our suppliers to meet. It also outlines how we will check suppliers are complying with these standards and explains why compliance is important for both us and our suppliers’ businesses.

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If you are interested in working with us on these or other sustainability challenges, contact our management by calling +31 (0) 15 369 3100 or contact us via ​email.​

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